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Snug: Lumio Designs light up glowing black hoodie with EL Wire

Snug: Lumio Designs light up glowing black LED hoodie with EL Wire



Glow in the club and stand out on the dance floor with shining high-quality EL Wire. Stay warm and stand out at a football game while cheering on your team! Feeling crafty? Create a fabulous Halloween costume by starting with this hoodie, and adding more EL Wire to your hat, pants and shoes.

  • This high-quality hoodie is warm and comfortable, with a soft cotton exterior, a fuzzy lining and big comfortable pockets.
  • This black hoodie has light green EL Wire around the edge of the hoodie and along the front zipper on both sides. The EL Wire is sewn into the garment for added security.
  • A custom made EL Wire battery pocket is located inside for holding the battery pack. Unclip the battery pack to wash this hoodie in the washing machine and line dry it.
  • These hoodies are made in men's sizes and run a little bit large. Someone who wears a women's large will normally fit the small size of these hoodies.
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  • We offer a 90-day replacement guarantee on all our products.