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DIY Captain's Hat

DIY Captain's Hat



Do you want to create a light up captain's hat with your own personal flair? Then we have just the package for you! We'll send you all the materials to create your own light up captain's hat along with the video on how to do it and the rest is up to you! Add your own fabrics, feathers, and accessories to create a hat that makes you shine! 

  • High quality fabric hat in sizes 58, 59 or 60cm
  • An assorted package of rhinestones in various shapes and sizes. Included is a picture of the types of rhinestones included. 
  • One color of EL Wire (blue, pink, red, white or lime green) along with clear thread to sew it on and a piece of elastic to secure the battery pack to the hat.
  • A length of either silver pyramids or black fake leather with silver rivets to attach around the hat band between the brim and the top. 

Additional options you can add are below. Please mention these additions in your order and we'll send you a request for the additional charge. 

  • Black and silver riveted fabric for on top of the hat- $5
  • Black sequin fabric for on top of the hat fabric- $5
  • White pearlescent sequin fabric for on top of the hat- $5
  • Elegant flower rhinestone for sewing or gluing onto the hat- $3

Our only ask? We'd love to see your finished product! Please email us or tag us with a photo of you in your perfect captain's hat!