About Us

It's not about us, it's about YOU! You see the little star in our logo? It represents you. You are the star. We strive to make you the center of everything we do. 

Lumio Designs aims to create beautiful, wearable works of art at affordable prices. We want to deliver brilliant costumes that light up your night. To do that, we look at where you will wear these costumes and try it out ourselves. Are the headdreses stable when you want to dance like crazy? Are they comfortable for eight hours of wandering at Burning Man? Will they survive until the next morning? These are questions we hope to answer as we deliver each piece. 

What? You want to know more? Lumio Designs is the brain child of Liz, a girl-on-the-go. She realized that light up costumes were not only super fun, but important to see and be seen and that there just weren't enough light up pieces on the market. And, I attempt to try out and field test all of these items so I know exactly what you will find when you buy them!

You are the star! We make you shine! 

Onwards and Upwards- CEO Sparkles