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Black Lives Matter

Liz Larsen

Posted on June 04 2020

Black Lives Matter

In the midst of this violence I've been doing what I can near home. I've been volunteering with Refugee Artisan Initiative, the group of refugees who makes many of our products for us, and cutting fabric for masks. I've been listening and learning. I've been educating myself. (The move "13th" on Netflix and free on YouTube is really important.) And still, it doesn't feel like enough. I realized that by not being explicitly clear that we support Black Lives, we were complicit. 

So, as CEO of Lumio Designs, I want to be clear that we support Black Lives. The way that black people are treated in our country is unjust. The treatment of black people is wrong.

As a company, one of our three tenants is People. We care about how people are treated, their education, their opportunities, and their joy. And when we experience black people treated wrongly, it hurts us all. We as a company will continue to work to help end racism and create equality.

Protests affect change. So does the ballot ​box. Vote in November 2020.

Liz, CEO Sparkles


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