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Be the Light

Liz Larsen

Posted on October 30 2019

Be the Light
We’ve created Lumio Designs stickers that simply say, “Be the Light.” While the sentiment is simple, the meaning behind it has great depth. To “Be the Light” means to be the best person you can be. It means to shine bright so that we can inspire others to more forward into a world of light and beauty. It challenges us on a daily basis to be a positive, kind and caring, even if we feel tired, frustrated or unhappy. It inspires us to share the good news in our world.
Lately it feels so much like we’re divided and living in fear. Fear of pollution and too much plastic in our oceans. Fear of those who are violent. Fear of those who create darkness in our world. And this fear causes us grief and sadness.

But what if we focused on all the good that is happening in the world and helped to amplify THAT message? What if we talked about the people who are creating alternatives to plastic? What if we talk about great new breakthroughs in working towards a cure for cancer? What if we shared the inspiring stories of those helping our world? When we do these things, we increase the light and beauty in our world. We create hope and happiness. We inspire others to shine their light and create wonder and excitement in our world.
We believe that as you look for the light in our world, it will fuel the brightness inside you. You will be happier. You will laugh more. You will look forward to the exciting things that are happening in our world.
Are you ready for it? Are you ready to be the light?
It’s a big dream. To create a movement of positivity. To dispel the fear and instill momentum towards goodness and togetherness. As with anything, it starts with just a few people. It starts with you.
So, this is our request to you.
Be the Light.


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