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A Moment to be Grateful

Liz Larsen

Posted on November 10 2019

A Moment to be Grateful

Our holiday campaign started this week and I realized we started getting excited about the holidays before we stopped to give thanks. That’s my fault. So, let’s hold the madness for a few more days and give thanks for the goodness. As I’m the only partly-paid employee, I get to start.

My company cares about people, planet and profit, so let’s cover them in that order.

People- I’m thankful to be working with such a great organization as Refugee Artisan Initiative (RAI). They hire refugee women to hand make items in their home so they can take care of their kids. As they rarely have family around them and often don’t speak English, this is one of the only jobs they can have. I’m thankful I get to work with the infinitely inspirational Ming-Ming and the many hours she puts in to make it work.

I’m also thankful to my community- every single person reading this. I’m surrounded by beautiful and talented people who help propel my business forward in way too many ways to count. I’m thankful to each and every one of them for wearing my products, sharing my company with your friends and family and doing all the things that make my company grow. Thank you! (and especially Josh, my husband!)

Planet- Today we try and pick items that are durable and have replaceable batteries so you can use them for years.  I’m excited about the work we’re doing towards items with USB-rechargeable products. My Head of Product Development (Josh) has been helping me through testing all the many combinations. We’ve been testing out all kinds of batteries, LEDs, and formats (hats vs. vest vs. headdress) to try and understand the best way to make them work. They will be available soon!

I’m also inspired on a daily basis to see what other light up wearables others are creating and to see all the new technology that is being developed that will more easily allow us to create more rechargeable items.

Profit- Lumio Designs grew this year in all the ways that are important at this stage for a product-based company. We increased the number of “Unique to Lumio” designs that are being designed and created in Seattle by Refugee Artisan Initiative, by local artists, and by me- all by hand. Working with such talented people has been a joy and a delight. It makes us all grow a bit and we have a lot of fun.

I am rich in my social community. I love being at an event and seeing someone that is wearing one of my products because they bought it at another event. I love featuring photos of our products in the wild. I love how quickly our following is growing on social media. If you aren’t seeing our fabulous photos, find us on Instagram or Facebook at @GoLumio.

As we take a moment to gather with family and friends to give thanks, what are you thankful for this year? A new job or home? Great festivals? Fun times out with friends? I’d love to hear in the comments the thing that happened this year that makes you grateful.

Much Love!

CEO Sparkles


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